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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Martin's Project

 Yes, I think this will work.

This is going to be great.

Martin, I brought a bucket, what are you doing up there?

 Just a minute Elle, I'll send down a rope.

Wow Martin, what is this going to be?
My own tree-fort. Hey, will you see if Molly will make me some food?

Looking good!

Martin!  We brought you some food.
What are you doing up there?

Put the food in the bucket, then climb up.

Wow, Martin, I like this.
Hey look at this pulley rig, I thought of this myself.

Ah man, I am hungry, thanks.
Did you bring any water?
Of course we did!

So thirsty!  Thanks.

It's really nice up here Martin.
Thanks, I want a place of my own to hang out.

What a great lunch, sandwich, apple, carrots and macaroons!
Tell Molly thanks!
We will, we're going now.


 Ah, this is perfect. 
Peace and quiet.

 Hi Martin! I told everyone about the tree house you built!
Wow Martin we love this!
Hey can you make it bigger?
There should be a swing up here!



Flo said...

Very cool! I always wanted a tree house when I was a kid. The last photo is perfect!

Brenda Savage said...

Thanks Flo! Martin worked SO hard on this tree house. Poor Martin can't seem to escape all his sisters.

Anonymous said...

A guy can't get any peace! The again, if he had brought his own food . . .

Brenda Savage said...

So true! If he'd thought ahead he wouldn't have been overrun by little girls.

Anonymous said...

That's how it is for little boys in the doll world - surrounded by girls.
Adorable story! Made me smile.

Julie Ann Newman said...

Hey, Martin, it's Danny from Julie's 70s Time Capsule!

I think your tree fort is outta site. Here in Springfield, surrounded by all these girls, I know what it's like to need a place of your own. But at least I have my 3 buddies to hang out with, and we can go to each other's houses if we want to get away from all that icky girl talk! But you do need to make your own food if you want them to stay away. Sometimes I like a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Don't tell my mom, but I like to sprinkle some Nestle's Quik chocolate milk mix on the peanut butter. It's super yummy! Maybe you just need another guy to hang out with! Catch ya later!

Your buddy,
Danny Campbell

Brenda Savage said...

Thanks Fawn, Poor Martin he really needs a brother!

Brenda Savage said...

Hey Danny, this is Martin,

Thanks man, I like building things I just can't get my sisters outta my hair! I love em an all, but you know right? You are right, I made a tactical mistake asking my sisters to bring me food, haha. I'm gonna try that peanut butter, banana and quik - sounds good! I do need a guy friend, you are so right.

Thanks for your letter dude!

Your pal,

vbennett said...

This is so awesome! I love it! :) I am glad that Martin has found a place where he can go to escape, well sorta. LOL! :)

ginnie /

Brenda Savage said...

Yes, poor Martin, he loves all his sisters, but he's definitely outnumbered.

Melody Silverleaf said...

Martin, that's outstanding! You did a great job on the tree house. Wish you could come and build us one!

Brenda Savage said...

Hey Melody, this is Martin. Thanks a lot, it was a lot of work, but totally worth it. You know, I just wedged in a support board and nailed all the other boards onto that one. I bet you could build a tree-house too.

Maybe we'll see ya around.


Melody Silverleaf said...

Sounds like a great plan. Thank you for the tips, Martin!

Brenda Savage said...

Hey, no problem Melody!