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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Another Thrift Doll

I found this doll thrifting. 
 At first glance I thought she was a 'My Life As' Doll, 
but she is a Harmony Club Doll.
I was attracted to her curly hair.
I looked up Harmony Club Dolls but didn't find out much.

Since this post I did find a good post about Harmony club dolls.  Here it is:
Harmony Club Dolls

She has a sweet face but strange lip color.

She has a wig and the hair seems pretty good.
Not to AG standards, but not bad.
Her body is made from a polyester fabric.
 Her limbs are loose but she can stand on her own.

Her hair is a bit tangled.
I am hoping to make an improvement here.

I brushed out the worst of the tangles and washed her hair.

My usual go-to for doll hair, wig shampoo and conditioner.

After her wash I brushed her hair into curls.
I left her alone until her hair dried.

I changed her lip color to something slightly rosier.

Here she is!!

 Her hair is quite long.

Hair is not silky like AG but I like her curls.


Linda Reynolds said...

What a great find! Do you mind if I ask what you paid for her? The most I paid for a preloved doll was $4.20. She is an AG, PC Samantha that had a zip tie replacing her neck strings. Other than that, she was in great condition! I was ecstatic!!!! I found an OG Sydney Lee doll in perfect condition fully dressed with shoes. The only thing missing, was her book. I also found, for $1.99, a Laura Ashley doll. It took me 8 hours to brush out her tangled hair, but it was worth it. I have found a My Life As doll for about $1.99. Eighteen inch dolls are hard to come by in my thrifty stores. I have found a few that I passed on (OG with such tight limbs that they couldn't stand or sit and My life dolls that had too loose limbs). Most dolls I find are baby dolls, Barbies, and Disney Princess dolls. I love the new lip color you put on your doll. Could you tell us about the process and what kind of paint you use?

Flo said...

What a great find! I love her hair too, the curls are really nice. She looks terrific after you worked on her.

Julie Ann Newman said...

*From Julie's doll mom Sharry:*

You fixed her up so nice! The hair is a BIG improvement! Is she staying w/ you, or are you donating her?

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Linda, I am very happy with this doll. I paid $4 for her! Wow, you have made some great finds too. I would love to see pictures of your dolls. I use acrylic paint on my dolls. This doll I used a peach color, fuchsia and off white mixed together. Before I painted the new color on her lips I used a magic eraser to remove some of the lip color because it was SO dark. I have added color to older dolls, like my Kirsten. Her color was all gone. I used a much lighter color of pink on her lips. For her cheeks I got some of the paint on my finger and dabbed it on a paper towel. Then I patted the color on her cheek and rubbed it in. The nice thing about acrylics is they can be wiped off with water over and over until you get a look you are happy with. Some people use a finishing coat to keep the color from rubbing off, but I never have.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Flo, I really enjoyed seeing those curls turn out so nice. I really did not know what to expect from that frizzy mess!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Sharry, I am happy very happy with her hair. When I picked her up at the thrift store, of course, I was planning on donating her or giving her away, BUT as usual I am now struggling. After I work on a doll like this it's so hard to let her go!! That's why I didn't give her a name, I though that would keep me from getting attached. HA! I should have known better. I need to make a decision, but not today right?

Linda Reynolds said...

How would I go about sending you pictures of my preloved dolls? I know how to email them, but couldn't find your email address.

Anonymous said...

Another little girl given a new lease on life. She is beautiful! If she were mine I would be keeping her since I don't have a Harmony Club doll in my collection.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Linda send pictures to: and let me know if you want me to share them on my blog or not. I can't wait to see them!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Fawn, I was thinking the same thing. Also I can't find any of these dolls on ebay, which makes me wonder if this version HCD is even made anymore? I guess I need to think of a name for her!

Sharon Collins said...

There's a website that sells the dolls. They've changed the dolls in the last 18 months. No they come with only underwear. They sell clothes & accessories. I believe it is

Brenda Savage said...

I did find the website, but, like you said, they must have changed the dolls. They don't look anything like my doll.