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Monday, March 13, 2017

Finding Baxter

"OK, I think we have enough posters.
We should post them along our walk path."

"Ok, we've got the posters and tape, let's go."

"Whew, let's sit down for a minute."
"Yeah, let's."

"I hope we hear something soon.  It's hard not to get attached." 

"yeah, I know what you mean. He is such a sweet dog."

 "How did it go?  All the posters put up?"

"Yes, we put them all over.  Hopefully we will hear something soon."

"Wait, I hear mom on the phone."

 "I think it's someone about the dog!"

  "Oh! I hope it's good news!"

"I guess that depends on your idea of good news Emma."

 Mom: "Well, that was a man, Mr. Pearson, calling about the dog.  He said the dog belongs to his Dad and the dog's name is Baxter.  Mr. Pearson's dad just moved into a retirement home that doesn't allow dogs. Apparently Baxter ran off when they were loading his dad's things in the moving truck. The son was going to take Baxter, but he works a lot and worried the dog would be lonely. Mr. Pearson and his dad asked about our home and family.  His dad was happy to know that Baxter would be with lots of kids and other dogs."

"So, Molly, it looks like Baxter is yours, if you want him."



Flo said...

Awwww. Always nice when things work out that way. Our first dog literally turned up on our doorstep. We put up signs, ran ads, did everything we could think of to see if she belonged to anyone. After a while no one claimed her, so we did!

Julie Ann Newman said...

Outta site! Congrats on your new dog, Molly!

Brenda and Sophie said...

Aw Flo, I love that! Just like Baxter. My best dog ever was adopted from another family. She was a dachshund and she was competing with 3 big dogs for food. She was a little skeleton when we brought her home. She and I became inseparable, she went everywhere with me. Her name was Missy.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Julie! I am so happy to have a dog of my very own. Baxter and I are already best friends. -Molly