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Friday, May 15, 2015

Makeover for an Our Generation Doll

 Found this girl at a thrift store and thought maybe I could give her a makeover.

Her hair is pretty matted ick!
   Another view of bad hair

 She is dirty and has a couple marks on her face.

And this mark on her arm.

I decided to wash her hair before trying to unknot it.

I used wig shampoo and conditioner.
Then she got a baking soda bath and all the marks and dirt came off.

Then I detangled....
And detangled some more!

Then, small sections at a time, I used a ceramic 
straightener on the lowest setting.

Here she is after her hair treatment

Honestly, I have never been fond of the OG dolls,
but I wanted to see if I could improve this doll.
 This particular doll has these mauve colored lips. 
I felt they were a strange  unnatural color, SO,..

I repainted her lips and added some eyelashes using the
lash style from a Madame Alexander doll.
I also gave her a little more blush for her cheeks.

And, here she is.

And, with a little shine on her lips.

Before, After and Finished
I think the painted lashes soften her expression. 

I had fun and now I will find a little girl to give this doll to!


Flo said...

Oh wow, I like her so much better afterwards. I'm like you, I've never been wild about the OG dolls, but I love what you did with her. Glad to see that all of the marks came off too.

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thanks Flo, I had fun fixing her up. I wanted to try doing a makeover like this but afraid to do it on an AG doll, this doll was perfect.
The baking soda wash is really good. It takes off a lot of marks.

Julie Ann Newman said...

*From Julie's doll mom:*

She looks so much better! Nice work!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thanks Julie, we were happy with the results too. We really like giving makeovers!

Mrs. Hilton said...

How did you paint her lips? What paint did you use? We have a few OG dolls and I too hate the lip color!

Brenda and Sophie said...

I used acrylic artists paint for her lips. I like acrylics because before they dry, they allow you to wipe off the color with water if you aren't happy with the results.

Deitra Pawley said...

I purchased an OG doll three years ago.She was really cute with long brown hair ,while I liked the hair over a year ago I decided to give her a haircut , she now has that ends a bit past her neck ,but still hits her back.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Sounds like you did a good job!

Jacquie said...

Love what you did with her lips and especially the lashes, but I think a softer hairstyle, not all pulled back, would soften her face even more. I only have OGs as they are easy to get in the UK and reasonably priced.

I have just bought an older OG, my first with the goofy AG type front teeth and hair nearly as messy as your doll had. It was obviously curly originally so it will be interesting trying to get all the tangles out without ending up with straight hair. Once I get her clean (thanks for the baking soda tip) I will decide what her face needs to make her special but yours is a good example of how small changes make a lot of difference.

Brenda Savage said...

Thanks Jacquie, I'm glad you like what I did. I know that most dolls who have curly hair can be restored pretty easy. I try to brush their hair into curls while it is still wet. If it loses it's curl, you can do a boil perm on most doll hair. Do a search online and you can see how it's done. I did a straightening boil perm on an AG doll and it worked great! If you search this blog for "Hot Water Dunk" the process is the same, just put your doll in curlers before dunking in the hot water. Good luck!