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Monday, October 20, 2014

Bake Sale

 Hi Emma!  I got the table set up

 Hi Martin, I brought the drinks.

 I hope we sale a lot today!

 Oooh, a bake sale!
Hi Grace!
Hey, I'll go get some of the girls so they can buy something too!
Great!  Thanks!

Grace told me to come see your bake sale 
so I'm here! I'll take 3 cupcakes please.

We heard you were having a bake sale.
Yes we want to raise money for camp.

 Who is this Jess?
Oh, this is my little cousin, Abby.

 Very nice to meet you, Abby, would you like a cookie?

 Yes please.

 Hi, I'm Julie.
Hello Julie nice to met you.
She is SO CUTE!!

Yes, Abby is staying with me for the day. 
After this we are going to the park to play.
Hey, that sounds like fun!  Let's all go!

Oh well, at least we sold 3 cupcakes.


Sharon Collins said...

Love your blog. I really love Martin. I have one boy named Embry after my youngest grandson. I really need another boy but for now I will enjoy Martin & his friends!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thank you so much! We love Martin, he has added so much to our doll family.