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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Stable for Penny

We got our Penny from a garage sale.  She has been with us for over a year and still did not have a stable!
My husband used some scrap wood in the garage and put together this little stable for Penny.

Here are some basic measurements.  My husband actually just made it up as he went along.
He added the threshold piece to give some added stability. All the joints are glued and nailed.

While watching my husband work I saw these garage towels.  I decided this would be perfect for the stall door, just like in this picture below.  

These are the finished measurements for the fabric, so add a seam allowance.
(pattern is not to scale.  For reference only)

Here is a close-up of the stable door.  I over-stitched each side to give it a bit more finish.

I sewed one side of a snap to the fabric and hot-glued the other side to the wood.
Small trim nails were used to attach the fabric to the frame.

I used a cloth marble bag to make a feed bag.  (This could be easily sewn though)
This little pink container is the water trough.

AND, here is Penny enjoying her new home.

Thank you daddy!

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