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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

American Girl Dolls Archive

I wanted to list all the American Girl Dolls just for everybody's information.  I get a lot of questions about which dolls are which and whether they are historic or retired, etc.  As of this posting there are only 4 retired historic dolls.  Molly McIntyre and Emily Bennet will retire at the end of the year.  I will try and keep this updated as any changes occur.  I hope this helps everyone!


Felicity Merriman & Elizabeth Cole

Caroline Abbott 1812 

 Kirsten Larsen 

NOTE: Samantha Parkington has been re-released in the 'Beforever Doll'  line.
This version of Samantha is retired, as well as Nellie.
The NEW Samantha I have put in the non-retired list.
 Samantha Parkington  1904
and her friend Nellie
 Nellie O"Malley

Molly McIntyre 1944
and her friend Emily Bennet

Emily Bennet

The new AG Beforever line.
L-R Julie, Samantha, Kit, Josefina, Addy, Rebecca,Caroline, Kaya.
I have added the new version of these dolls, where their dress has been updated.
Kaya of the Nez Perce Tribe

Josefina Montoya 1824 Beforever

Josefina Montoya 1824 (original)

 Marie Grace Gardener 1853
and her friend Cecile

Cecile Rey  

Addy Walker 1864 Beforever

Addy Walker 1864 (original)

Samantha Parkington 1904 Beforever

Rebecca Rubin 1914 Beforever

Rebecca Rubin 1914

Kit Kitteridge 1934 Beforever

Kit Kitteridge 1934 (original)
and her friend Ruthie
Ruthie (retired)

Maryellen Larkin 1954

Melody Ellison 1964

Julie Albright 1974 Beforever

 Julie Albright 1974 (original)
and her friend Ivy Lee
Ivy Lee (retired)

Girl of the year Dolls
The Girl of the Year dolls are just that, only out for a year.  It looks like right at the start these dolls may have been out for more than 1 year.  The first 3 appear to have been out for 2 years each.  The current Girl of the Year dolls are retired after one year.  So all these dolls are retired except for the current years doll.

Lindsey 2001

Kailey 2003

Marisol 2005

Jess 2006

Nicki 2007

Mia 2008

Chrissa 2009
and her friends Sonali and Gwen

Gwen and Sonali

Lanie 2010

Kanani 2011

McKenna 2012

Saige 2013

Isabelle 2014

Grace 2015

Lea Clark 2016


miniature girl said...

Great post. Thank you. I enjoyed it. I'm 29 and just getting into the American Girl world. I just got my two year old a bitty baby and it's quality has caused me to fall in love with the brand.

Sophie and Brenda said...

The quality of AG is what has kept them in the forefront of the doll market. I am glad you enjoyed the blog!

Emmy1206 said...

This was very helpful. Thank you. :-)

Emmy1206 said...

This was very helpful. Thank you. :-)

Sophie and Brenda said...

I am glad it was helpful. : ) It took me a long time to figure out all these dolls and their different categories. I know many collectors who know all the "Just Like You" dolls, their years and number - wow!

Catherine White said...

Lol me too, my mother in law bought my 1 year old daughter her first bitty baby and now I'm having fun looking for second hand dolls to fix up and save for her :)

Brenda and Sophie said...

Catherine, it can become such an addiction! But a good addiction!