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Friday, July 19, 2013

American Girl is retiring Molly and Emily

Say farewell to Molly and Emily!

As a tribute to Molly and Emily I thought I would take some photos of our Molly and the clothes and accessories we have for her.  For those who are new to our blog this Molly was found at a Salvation Army store.  She was fully dressed and looked like she had sat on someone's shelf for many years.  Her hair was twisted into two buns on either side of her head and covered in dust.  I brought her home and cleaned her up and she has definitely been a favorite for both of us.

This is a picture of her after her initial hair wash and clean up.  We didn't even know she was a Molly until we went to the AG Store a week later!  Eventually I gave her a downy dunk 
which really made a huge difference to her hair.  
Unfortunately I did cut off about 1/2 an inch of her worst hair right after we got her home.

This is Molly in her Christmas dress.  This is the dress she was 
wearing when I found her at Salvation Army.
Such a sweet face!

 Here is Molly in her school jumper with her satchel.

 I also have her school satchel with some of her school items.
We have her flash cards, but I did not find them for this photo.

 I know this is Emily's dress, but it is so sweet I wanted to add it.
Molly is holding her red bag and Molly handkerchief.

 This is Molly's snow suit.
I got it because it has such pretty embroidery before
I even realized it was part of Molly's collection.

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