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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Some new clothes for Lisa and Sarah

I know I must be driving y'all crazy with one post after another,
I promise I will try to slow down soon!
But I couldn't help sharing these new fashions.
 First is Lisa wearing a swirly Purple dress with lace sleeves.

Next is Sarah wearing some bellbottoms and 
a smock top.

 This is a dress that was originally made for Julie
but she never wore it so Nellie fit it to Sarah and Lisa.

Love the matching kerchief!

This dress started off as a long caftan, but
we didn't like it, so...

 We cut it off to a mini!

So cute!
Lisa and Sarah are so happy with their new wardrobe additions.
I wonder if we'll have any other SURPRISE additions?


Anonymous said...

Don't apologize. I enjoy all of your posts.

Julie Ann Newman said...

Groovy! My friend Crissy just got a new outfit, too!

*From Julie's doll mom:*

Those look SO much like the classic Crissy fashions! Super job! (and I like reading lots of posts!)

Brenda and Sophie said...

That's great Julie! I hope she shows it off for us.

Thanks Julie's Mom. It helps when you remember what those fashions looked like because you wore them as a kid! All those years watching the Brady Bunch helps too. : )

Brenda and Sophie said...

Oh and thank you Fawn and Julie's mom for liking all my many posts!

Flo said...

Gorgeous! I really like the smock top, but they are all cute.

Brenda and Sophie said...

Thanks Flo, I really like that pattern too. I will try and post the pattern here. It is one of the free ones I found.