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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Martin's BIG Surprise

 Martin, this letter came for you.

 (reading, reading...)

 I can't believe I found her!
Found who Martin!?!?

 My baby sister, Madison.
(all at once)
What!?!  Oh my goodness!!!  That's amazing!

Here is her picture from the letter. We were separated long ago
before I got adopted here. She has been in foster care all this time and Mom helped me find her.
Oh Martin!  She looks so sweet!

 She'll be here tomorrow I have to get ready!
But Martin, where will she sleep?
On my extra bunk of course! I need Skyler's help.

So, what do you think Skyler?  What does it need to be more welcoming for Madi?
Well, maybe a more girly quilt and some soft animals and maybe a doll?

 Martin?  I thought your sister would like Bunny?
Thank you Molly!  That is just what Skyler was saying we needed!

 Hi Martin, I just got this bear for my collection, but I think Madison would like him don't you?
Absolutely!  Thanks Elle!

 Wow Skyler, we have great sisters.
I know, we are fortunate.

That looks great Nell!
I started this quilt project without really knowing what I would do with it, but now I know!


 Now everything is ready!


 Here she is Martin!


Yes Madi, it's me.  I won't let us be separated ever again.

 C'mon I'll show you our room.

 Martin, it's so pretty!  I think I'm dreaming.

 The Raggedy Ann was from Jess and this bunny was from Molly.  
They are all your sisters now too!
Two of our sisters are just a little older than you,
want to meet them?

...And then Martin ran into our rooms yelling Harry Potter spells as loud as he could!..
giggle, chuckle, giggle.
Martin is SO funny.
Martin Potter

 Hey you, having fun?

 Martin! Look at all the dolls we have! 
They said I could play with them anytime cause our family always shares.

 I'm so happy you found me Martin!
Hey Madi come to our room and see our mouse house!  

...And that is Greymouse and this is Pearlmouse and...
(playing chatter)

"And then the little Ladybug found a small crack and went into the house 
and was safe and warm all winter.  THE END"

Martin, we are so lucky to have this new family.

I know, go to sleep Madi, sweet dreams.


Julie Ann Newman said...

*sniff* That's so beautiful. Welcome Madi!

Sophie and Brenda said...

We are SO happy we found Madi! She is such a great addition to our family

Flo said...

Such a cute story with a happy ending!

Sophie and Brenda said...

We are all about happy endings in the Savage doll family

Dawn said...

Very sweet story!

Sophie and Brenda said...

Thank you Dawn! We love happy endings.